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Sharing some love to those you're Thankful for

2020 has been quite a year. This pandemic has changed our day to day lives. How we interact, our priorities, and how we choose to do things. More than ever it's been harder to see loved ones, and to connect like we used to.

That's why Awesome In A Box has built this Thanksgiving Gift Box. During Thanksgiving, we may not be able to gather and eat a delicious Turkey meal together, but why not send to your loved ones a little bit of Thanksgiving to let them know you're thinking about them.

This year would have been our 10th year celebrating Thanksgiving with some of our closest friends. Other than celebrating with family, we started a Friendsgiving tradition where we would gather together for a traditional Thanksgiving meal, and each couple would take turns setting the theme for the year. This mean dressing up for this gathering. The "host" for the year was determined by the couple who had a milestone event closest to Thanksgiving. We've celebrated engagements, marriages, new homes, and babies joining us. This would have been a perfect set to enjoy together. So although we can't gather, we can still show some love to our loved ones with our very first Thanksgiving gift box. It's the essence of Thanksgiving in the box. It's just missing the turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, especially to our family and friends. This year has been unprecedented, but we love you and can't wait until we can all safely gather and celebrate again.

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