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Chinese New Year Traditions

2020 is not only the start to a new year, but as you've probably heard a new decade. To kick-start this new year, we thought it would be fun to talk about some Chinese New Year Traditions. (Also - to start an Awesome Blog!)

  1. It's all about family Let's be honest, life gets busy. However Chinese New Year is one of those times you try your very best to make time for family. Often times, I look forward to sitting together as a family and sharing a meal together. That's the way we often show love.

  2. It's all about respect and well wishes There are these 4 word phrases we say to one another. There's simple ones and complicated ones. You can have general "Happy New Year" sayings or specific well wishes towards someone - such as wishes for a better school year, wishes for another successful year of business, or stay youthful/ stay healthy sayings.

  3. It's all about food I contemplated on whether food should be #3, because really it's one of the most important part of any Asian culture. There are classic dishes, and there are new unique ones. If you grew up celebrating CNY, I'm sure you can close your eyes are start thinking about those dishes. What dishes do you think of when you think of Chinese New Year Dinner? Shameless Plug - I wanted to do something fun to kick-off this new decade. I made Limited Time Only flavoured macarons using nostalgic Chinese flavours. Transformed into these delicious 2 bite desserts, and these flavours include: - White Rabbit - Moon cake (Lotus + Salty Yolk) - Ovaltine - French Toast (Peanut Butter + Condense Milk) - Ribena (Black Current) - Mandarin $15 for 6 pieces + a small container of delicious Chinese Tea Leaves. It's a perfect gift set as a gift to family dinners, your friends, and why not a gift set to your clients/ co-workers? Email me your orders!

  4. It also has Unique traditions. Some do a fully cleaning of their house from top to bottom. Some get a fully new wardrobe to start the new year. Firecrackers & unique decor. Walking through those new year markets. Don't forget those red pockets! Some of it is superstition, some of it doesn't make any sense. But it's fun to keep these traditions alive.

I would love to hear about your Chinese New Year Traditions!

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